Masonry Services

The northwest's premier masonry contractor with block, brick, and stone services tailored to the needs of commercial, educational, government, medical, mixed-use, and multi-family industry sectors. We are leading the curve with BIM for Masonry and use of on-site technology.

Brick Masonry

Clay masonry has proven its contributing role in green building and sustainable design and has captured great production efficiencies.

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Block Masonry

Concrete Masonry Units (CMU) or "concrete blocks" are known for their strength and durability. However, they are more than just building blocks.

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Stone Masonry

The low carbon footprint material of choice for lasting construction and natural beauty comes in truly unique and environmentally-friendly forms.

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Pre-Construction / BIM-M

Avoid costly mistakes with detailed models and up-front testing. We are leading the curve with the implementation of BIM-M into our construction process.

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