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R&D Masonry working from the World of Concrete

Adrian Siverson - Friday, March 25, 2016

Adrian recently worked the World of Concrete (World of Masonry) show to help kick off the BIM Deliverables Guide for Masonry Contractors. Below is information from the trip.

Greetings BIM-M Contractor Input Work Group:

The World of Concrete/World of Masonry Show is done for another year and it was a very good opportunity for BIM-M. Darrell McMillian and I worked the BIM-M tent in the Spec-Mix Innovation area. We were joined by Adrian Siverson of R&D Masonry and Mike Giem of CADBLOX. While Darrell and I focused our attention on handing out the “fresh off the presses” BIM Deliverables Guide for Masonry Contractors, Adrian and Mike were sharing examples of their models and some of the deliverables highlighted in the guide. If you have not had a chance to see BIM deliverables guide yet, it is now available on the BIM-M website (see link). I would appreciate your review of the guide and any feedback you would like to share.

Conceptual work is beginning for the next release of the guide. We hope to have a series of case studies developed showing how deliverables highlighted in the initial guide were generated by BIM and how they were utilized in the preconstruction and construction processes. We would like show as many examples as possible using all applicable software such as SketchUp, Revit, AutoCad and others . If any of you are interested in sharing this information please contact me at or by calling 414-491-1425.

Other new materials of interest on the BIM-M website include the BIM for Masonry Modeling Masonry in Autodesk Revit guide and the BIM-M Benchmark Project Case Studies report. Again, after you have a chance to review these documents (see links below), please feel free to offer any feedback you may have. Collected feedback will be used to assist the development of software plug-ins that BIM-M is currently working on.

Finally, the development of the electronic Masonry Unit Database (MUD) is currently out for proposals. The request for proposal (RFP) timeline requires that the MUD be ready for use by the end of June. The database will be generic in nature, and will be web based offering plug-ins to various modeling programs such as Revit and SketchU. The primary goal of the MUD is to make it easier for designers to use masonry in their Revit models, and to let masonry contractors start modeling without having to create their own material databases.

Thank you all for your assistance with the BIM-M Initiative, both past and present!